Whether you are looking to add our fantastic products to your shop, extend your product range as a distributor, or to buy your employees or clients a lovely sustainable gift, we are looking forward to talk to you!

Here you can learn:

Becoming a reseller

Are you a physical shop or online store that sells ethical, vegan, or sustainable products? Our products are retail-ready, not only with our beautiful packaging, but also with all formalities already taken care of, such as POS preparedness, logistics barcoding, green dot certification, and more.

When customers buy our products, they are placing their trust in us as a responsible consumer. In order to build and maintain this valuable trust with customers, we only allow the sale through trustworthy channels, therefore everyone who sells Owl & Bee® products must first become a registered Trusted Reseller.

Becoming a Trusted Reseller is easy, and helps highlight to both us and our shared customers that we both share the same values on ethics, sustainability, environmentalism, animal, and human rights. By becoming a Trusted Reseller, you gain authorisation to resell our incredible products, and we also offer very favourable sales conditions, and certainly work hard to please all of our amazing resale partners!

Click here to learn more about our trusted reseller programme — we would love to hear from you!

Becoming a distributor

We are always looking forward to work with distributors who share our values, no matter where you are in the world! Our products are ready-to-market in the EU and UK markets without any further formalities required, with other markets currently being prepared.

We are keen to form long-term relationships with distributors who are able to support and grow our network of trusted resellers, and we have worked hard to ensure our supply-chain is distributor friendly from the ground up.

Click here to learn more about our authorised distributor programme, because we are looking forward to getting to know you!

Large corporate orders

Surprise your employees or clients with a sustainable and socially responsible gift! We offer attractive discounts for businesses looking to buy a large quantity order.

Contact us to discuss your needs, and we're sure we can arrange a good deal together!